Join the CSCC Provider Network

The APN is a network of doctors who offer CSCC’s services to their patients. Network members must be licensed physicians practicing in the United States. There is no cost to be a network provider.┬áPlease complete the information below to join the CSCC Provider Network. We will contact you promptly to answer any questions and supply your practice with everything you need to offer CSCC’s service to your patients.

Benefits of APN Membership

New Patients and Practice Development

  • Listing in Provider Network Directory for Patient Referrals
  • Add-on procedure drives ancillary income
  • Public Relations and Media Support for local community awareness
  • Leadership in availability of new technology

Patient Education Systems for Easy Practice Integration

  • In-Office Collection Kits
  • Customer Support for staff and patient needs

Pricing and Promotions

  • Member-Only Special Promotions
  • APN CSCC Discount
  • Staff and Medical Professional Discount

Continuing Education

  • Participation in Regional Programs and Clinical Studies
  • CSCC’s Client Communications Program- Drives Repeat Visits