Medical research with the use of stem cells has been ongoing for over 20 years, but we still have much to learn about the healing effects of stem cell transplant medicine.  Many patients have experienced successful stem cell transplants from their own cells and from stem cells donated by people with similar genetics.  Diseases cannot always be treated with the patients own stem cells, so doctors can search on national registries to find a suitable match.  Almost every country has doctors investigating the medical uses of stem cells.  With every successful treatment, lives are saved.  In the United States, most stem cell treatments are considered clinical trials or research.  As this technology advances and long term data is collected from the ongoing research, we may see stem cell therapy used in many more medical applications and regular treatments.

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The Celebration Stem Cell Centre only works with non-controversial forms of stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood and adult tissues.  The CSCC research department has a universal goal shared by many stem cell banks.  To provide the highest quality of viable stem cells to treat patients in need.  CSCC uses the latest technology to process and store cord blood, bone marrow and adipose (fat) tissues.  We feel that there is substantial data and enough positive patient outcomes to help contribute to this emerging healthcare field.  We are not alone!  We encourage you to take charge and do your own research to learn about the various medical applications being studied.