Dream Power

Dreams During Pregnancy

By Cynthia Richmond

Our nightly dreams can offer fascinating insights and guidance. This is never more true than when we are pregnant. An expecting mother’s dreams may reflect anxiety about childbirth itself or about being a good mother. They can remind an expectant mother of particular foods or nutrients the gestating infant needs during certain periods of development.

Fluctuations in hormones may explain some of the more vivid dreams expectant mom’s experience. Fear of the delivery, and of how life will change once the baby arrives, can as well. Many expectant mothers, and dads too, dream of meeting their unborn-child. They may learn the gender, begin the bonding process and have conversations.

Of course expectant dad’s have their own dreams of pregnancy. Men dream of being pregnant, which may be a surprise for some. In the language of dreams being pregnant can mean that the dreamer has conceived of a creative idea or project, has nurtured or gestated it and is about to launch it. However dad’s have their own anxieties, they may wonder: Will I be able to support my family? Do I have the wisdom and patience I need to be a good father? How will our new child affect my relationship with my wife?

Journaling your dreams during pregnancy is a wonderful way to document your feelings. Becoming consciously aware of your concerns can help you to address them and get help if necessary. Additionally your journal would make a beautiful keepsake to give to your child when he or she becomes a parent one day.

It is very common to dream of returning home and panicking because you abandoned your baby. Or that you forgot to feed your baby or don’t have any formula or bottles. These dreams reflect natural concerns about being a responsible parent.

Dreaming is associated with stress management and with learning. Infants dream in the womb and continue to dream a lot, especially the first year of life when they are sleeping much of the day. Encouraging your children to share their nightly dreams on a daily basis is a wonderful way to understand what they are going through. Children don’t have the vocabulary to communicate their concerns, but their dreams will give parents important clues.

We dream throughout our lives and everyone dreams each night. Remembering and journaling your dreams is a very worthwhile endeavor. Advice from the subconscious mind can relieve anxiety and offer creative solutions to problems.

I devoted a chapter on pregnancy dreams in my book Dream Power, How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life. I invite you to log your dreams as a way of understanding your thoughts, feelings and emotions during this beautiful time of your life.

Magical, mystical or textbook clinical, our nightly dreams offer a window into the unconscious mind. They are valuable, worthy and important tools that we can use to decipher our motivation and desires a bridge to the unseen, a problem solving system for matters mundane to sublime.

Welcome Dreamers! My hope is that this site will assist you in becoming more adept in decoding the messages that await you in your dreams, what will yours reveal?

Cynthia Richmond is a board certified behavioral therapist, a speaker and an author. She has appeared on nearly every talk show on television, including Oprah, Dr. Phil and The View. Cynthia had long-running columns in the Los Angeles Times and the Arizona Republic and has done hundreds of radio interviews including the Dr. Maya Angelou show. Her new book, The Dream Power Journal, A System for Organizing Your Dreams to Enhance Your Life is based on 20 years experience working with more than 55,000 dreams. Both books are available on Amazon.com.