Parcell Laboratories, located in Natick MA, is a pioneer in the field of Regenerative Medicine and is focused on developing novel therapies centered on their unique stem cell platform, the ELA® cell.  This unique stem cell population was discovered by research scientists affiliated with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School and has demonstrated tremendous potential in the realm of Regenerative Medicine.

The ELA® cell is an early lineage adult stem cell that exists in an undifferentiated and highly plastic state.  Upon receipt of appropriate stimuli, it has demonstrated the ability to differentiate into tissues from all three germ layers (mesoderm, endoderm and ectoderm) with strong evidence of the ELA cell’s ability to differentiate into a multitude of tissue types.

Parcell’s regenerative therapeutics target joint and dermal tissues that are most impacted by age and physical activity.  Parcell’s therapeutic initiatives are based on their broad, proprietary and patented autologous and allogeneic ELA stem cell technology with a strategic development focus in three major and distinct areas; diseases of the spine, Orthopedic conditions,  and injuries and dermal tissue damage.

Celebration Stem Cell Centre (CSCC) is proud to announce that we have entered into a contract manufacturing agreement with Parcell Laboratories, where CSCC will be manufacturing Parcell’s Regenerative Medicine product under cGMP conditions.