Save the Cord Foundation

About Save the Cord Foundation:

Save the Cord Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit foundation created to advance cord blood awareness, education, research and legislation. The foundation’s mission is to provide free, unbiased, factual information to expectant parents and the public concerning the medical value and life-saving benefits of saving umbilical cord blood.

Save the Cord Foundation is informing expectant parents about the medical value of their newborn’s cord blood, so they can make their own educated decision about the options for saving it; public donation, private banking or donation to research. The foundation’s vision is to make saving cord blood the standard of care for all newborns and cord blood preservation an accessible option for expectant parents at birthing hospitals in Arizona and across our nation.  Save the Cord Foundation is proud to partner with Celebrations Stem Cell Center to advance cord blood education and awareness throughout the state of Arizona.

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