How It Works

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Step 1 – Collection

  • Collection requires no change to your scheduled procedure.
  • Your doctor will use a CSCC Collection Kit to collect and prepare your tissue for shipment
  • Your unique Bar Code ID and Data Collection Form are included in your kit.

Step 2 – Shipment

  • Your tissue sample is shipped by your doctor, priority overnight, to CSCC’s laboratory.
  • Temperature-stable medical foam kit construction protects your tissue during transport.
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring take place during transport.

Step 3 – Processing

  • Your Kit ID is scanned upon receipt at the lab and an assessment of cell count is performed.
  • Your tissue is processed in our state-of-the-art laboratory.
  • Our proprietary processing method results in long-term viability of your tissue and cells.

Step 4 – Cryopreservation

  • Our computer-controlled technology slowly lowers your tissue to cryogenic temperatures.
  • Your tissue and cells are put into specially designed cryo-bags

Your tissue and stem cells are available to you and your doctor at any time upon request.