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Offering your patients the opportunity to preserve their adipose tissue and stem cells for use in the future is a valuable way to expand the services you offer to your patients, and a useful resource in case management. In many procedures, such as liposuction or abdominoplasty, the patient is already having their adipose tissue collected, and therefore, storage at the time of procedure is highly convenient because it requires no additional harvest procedure.

Patients that have their autologous tissue stored give you more options for treatment approaches, whether used alone or as an adjunct to commercial fillers and implants. Autologous tissue is natural, has no contraindications, and it is readily available as a resource for use as a dermal filler, in rejuvenation approaches, other cosmetic enhancements, or in future augmentation or reconstructive surgeries.

And, in light of the rapidly advancing fields of cell therapy and tissue engineering, many doctors feel that since we now know there is value in a patient’s stem cells and adipose tissue, all patients today should be made aware of their option to bank before their resource is discarded.

Even if there is not the convenience of a scheduled procedure, any patient can elect to collect and store their adipose tissue and stem cells.

Procedures where storage can benefit your patient

Cosmetic and Augmentation Procedures

  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Breast augmentation (with or w/out implants)
  • Buttock augmentation (with or w/out implants)
  • Body asymmetry

Reconstructive Procedures

  • Breast reconstruction / radiation damaged skin
  • Trauma and wound care treatment

Stem Cell Therapy (Tissue Engineering / Regenerative Medicine)

  • Richest source of MSC (ASC) in the human body
  • Capable of differentiation into multiple cell types
  • Heart disease, stroke, orthopedic injuries, etc.