Offering Two Independent Umbilical Cord Blood Processing Options

Offering Two Independent Umbilical Cord Blood Processing Options

Celebration Stem Cell Centre is now offering 2 independent umbilical cord blood processing options with 2 different pricing structures.

The first and traditional cord blood processing option is processing directed at the traditional downstream application of cord blood transplantation for autologous (self) or first degree relative use. This option is typically suited to families that have a risk of blood disorders, metabolic disorders and certain types of cancers. Some of the most common diseases that the FDA has approved the use of cord blood to treat include: aplastic anemia, Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML), Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and sickle cell disease as well as 80 other different diseases and disorders.

The second cord blood processing option is directed towards use in regenerative medicine applications. The processing methodology here focuses more on the future regenerative medicine applications of cord blood such as the treat of cerebral palsy, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and numerous other degenerative conditions. This methodology would be for autologous (self use) use only; no other individual would be able to use these cells.

Based on the success that AdiCyte and Celebration Stem Cell Centre (CSCC) have had this past year with CSCC taking over all Laboratory Operations from AdiCyte, both companies have mutually agreed that the best way to continually serve our clients is for CSCC to assume control of all AdiCyte’s Operations. Therefore, from this point moving forward CSCC will be handling all new patient registrations, billing, annual storage fee billing, Dr. Relationships and lab operations. If you have any questions please contact CSCC at 480-722-9963.

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