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Welcome to Celebration Stem Cell Centre

CSCC offers processing and banking of Private umbilical cord blood, Wharton’s jelly, Cord Tissue, Placental Tissue, Public cord blood donations, Adipose tissue, Adipose stem cells, Dental pulp stem cells and other adult stem cells. CSCC also offers services for Contract Manufacturing, Contract Research and development and submission of IRB proposals based on our clients’ research needs.

The Celebration Stem Cell Centre is located at the Mercy Gilbert Medical Campus in Gilbert, Arizona.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with Class 6 & 7 clean rooms and world-class software solutions built in to ensure quality and regulatory compliance standards. We use the best technology available to process and store cord blood and adult stem cells according to the AABB, FACT and FDA recommendations.

The facility was designed to showcase the storage and processing technology and increase awareness of the healing benefits of stem cell therapy. Our commitment to educate the public and medical community about this emerging healthcare field is clear the moment you walk in our door or speak to one of our team members. Many of the design characteristics of the facility were implemented to accommodate guided tours for the public and medical community. Please contact us to schedule a tour and learn more about the miracle of stem cell therapy.


Mom’s register and are consented to private bank or public donate by the 34th week


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Plastic Surgeons Offer Adipose Banking

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide the highest quality of viable cells for transplant and regenerative medicine and increase awareness of the healing effects of stem cells.”


Family owned business located in Gilbert Arizona.

The Lund family’s involvement in the medical community over the years has opened their eyes to the advancement of stem cell transplant medicine. With their relationship and endorsement of hospitals around the country, cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art specialized equipment and a world renowned team of doctors, the Lunds have developed the framework to take stem cells from the laboratory to the patient with an unprecedented concept. Bill and Sherry Lund have witnessed the miracle of stem cell therapy and are committed to providing doctors the tools to make stem cell medicine the standard of care in the United States.

“Every life is precious and every sample can save a life” 


Our Team

Sherry Lund

Founder and President

Scott Israel

Quality Director, Lab Manager

Dr. Michael Graham

MD, Medical Director

Rachel Murillo

Lead Lab Tech

Lorri Lawson

Office Manager, Dr. Patient and
Client Representative

Sam Samson

Asst. Lab Tech