what we do

Private Cord Blood Bank
Cord blood banking is simple, safe and secure. The collection process does not hurt the mother or baby and does not interfere with the birthing experience. Delayed clamping does NOT affect the collection of cord blood, cord tissue or the placenta.
Public Cord Blood Donation
This life-saving opportunity only happens at the time of birth. Public cord blood donations can be used for anyone in need and is a powerful medical research tool for fighting devastating chronic and acute diseases.
Tissue Banking Private & Donation
CSCC’s mission is to provide cord blood stem cells, cord tissue and placenta tissue products & samples for treatment and research for regenerative medicine.
Translational Stem Cell Therapy Foundation
TSCT Foundation supports research, education, donation, processing and cell therapy for patients in need’
Adult Stem Cell Processing
The Celebration Stem Cell Centre processes stem cells for clinical research, treating patients and laboratory research.
Patients may use their tissue or cells for a variety of procedures as well as for other therapies.
Dental Pulp Banking
It is important to plan for your children’s future. Why not invest in your child’s future by banking their dental pulp stem cells?