Dental Pulp Stem Cell Banking

It is important to plan for your children’s future. Why not invest in your child’s future by banking their dental pulp stem cells?

Residing in the pulp chamber of teeth are a unique population of stem cells referred to as Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). MSCs have the capability to differentiate (mature) into several types of mature cells including bone, muscle, nerve, fat and connective tissue. Based on the unique capabilities of these cells, they have the potential to be used in numerous Regenerative Medicine Applications. When a child’s tooth becomes loose, or the removal of teeth for an Orthodontic procedure (the removal of wisdom teeth), tissue inside the tooth contains a population of stem cells that can be harvested and banked. Normally this “left-over” material is treated as medical waste and discarded. Celebration Stem Cell Centre will bank your child’s dental pulp stem cells which will potentially be used to treat him/her in the future. Call today for more information.